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Traditional yurts

Yurt Builder Guys has been in existence for quite some time now and deals in both modern and traditional yurts. Traditional yurts consist of an expanding wooden circular frame carrying a felt cover. The felt is made from the wool of the flocks of sheep that accompany the pastoralists. The timber to make the external structure is not to be found on the treeless steppes, and must be obtained bin the shops. The yurt frame is made of one or more expanding lattice wall-sections, a door-frame, bent roof poles and a crown. The wood frame is covered with pieces of felt. Depending on availability, the felt is additionally covered with canvas and sun-covers. The frame is held together with one or more ropes or ribbons. The structure is kept under compression by the weight of the covers, sometimes supplemented by a heavy weight hung from the center of the roof. They vary with different sizes, and relative weight. Yurts are designed to be dismantled and the parts carried together on camels or yaks to another place where the pastoralists are moving to. Rebuilding of the yurt takes less than three hours to reconstruct.


Carved yurt

These type of yurts are made of rafters, crown, door, and central columns carved with traditional decorative patterns. This carving involves painstaking work, a high level of creativity and great skill, making carved yurts more expensive than decorative ones and not available in most places.


Decorative yurt

Decorative yurts have rafters, crown, door, and central columns painted with traditional decorative patterns. Decorative yurts come in a variety of sizes, denoted by the number of folding wall segments used in their construction. Yurts of four, five, six, eight, and ten wall segments are available; while yurts of this type with more than ten wall segments can be made to order.

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Other different types of yurts include the travel yurt which is made of wooden parts which can be folded in compact forms to make it easier during travel from one place to another. They are easily reconstructed and can take up to 30 minutes to rejoin them.

The traditional decoration within a yurt is primarily pattern based. These patterns are generally not according to taste, but are derived from sacred ornaments with certain symbolism. Symbols representing strength are among the most common, this include beasts. Such patterns are commonly used in the home with the belief that they will bring strength and offer protection.

Repeating geometric patterns are also widely used. The most widespread geometric pattern is the continuous hammer or walking pattern. Commonly used as a border decoration it represents unending strength and constant movement. Another common pattern is the symbol of long life and happiness.

All patterns can be found among not only the yurts themselves, but also on embroidery, furniture, books, clothing, doors, and other objects that can be used to accompany the yurt.

Customers can always reach Yurt Builder Guys on 888-308-3133 to learn more about our yurts patterns, specifications and how to handle them. We also offer maintenance and repair services for our yurts customers.

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