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Strength of a yurt

How strong and durable a yurt is mainly depends on a number of things; a strong Inner Liner which links nicely with the outer canvas cover. Between the felt and frame a cotton liner is used to brighten the yurt. The Outer cover is positioned on top of the canvas and is beneficial to the yurt dwellers due to its Stability and strength. It is made of high quality polyester, and this fabric comes with built in fire resistance.the cover can be washed and will not shrink so you can keep your yurt looking fresh all rear round. The outer cover also protects your yurt from the intense UV rays and prolongs the life of your canvas. Where wind is an issue these covers increase the wind protection no end. Finally, they simply look better, something we know our customers really care about.


Special yurt features

Yurt Builder Guys in Ellenwood, GA provides yurts will unique feature which make our yurts competitive and highly preferred by most people. Our yurts are made of High Quality materials which make it more durable and wanted by most customers. The yurts also have a beautiful solid oak crown which gives the yurt unique colors and design. Our yurts also have a storm rope which ensures no matter how strong a storm is the yurt remains intact. Our yurts are also fitted with traditional door frames and custom windows which offer the best safety measures and also keep the yurt beautiful. Another unique feature of yurts in Ellenwood, GA is the presence of six rings and three ropes which improve the stability of the yurt to the highest level


Authentic Look

This beautiful and authentic look is as a result of the steam bent curved wall, door frame, door height, felt, cover design. Our yurts look very beautiful and attractive to all customers due to the unique designs that we offer. We do not make our yurts like the original just for looks and beauty each part needs to function optimally too.

Customers can reach us on 888-308-3133 for more information.

There are many different types of yurts which come in different materials designs and different reasons behind the construction of the yurt. The different types and styles of yurts offered at Yurt Builder Guys in Ellenwood, GA are;

Mongolian Yurt, this is a heavy wooden framed yurt that is still used for living in by hundreds of thousands of Mongolians. Closely spaced wall slats which are steamed to incorporate a curve at the top. Roof poles are straight but a very specific shape.

Chinese Yurt, this yurt is made in a Chinese design. The door design is the same as that found on many pieces of Chinese furniture and will generally include hardboard panels which can delaminate. The crown wheel does not come with crown supports, making them unstable in high winds. The wall sections are made from willow and incorporate a unique double curve not seen in any other yurts.

UK Yurt, the special features of the UK yurt are, the Yurt Builder Guys does not always come with a wooden door as standard, and just a canvas flap and you'll need to pay extra for a wooden door. They will often use hard woods that are oiled, not painted. Other yurt types are the American and Turkish yurts.

Customers can always reach us on 888-308-3133 for more insight on yurts.

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